What We Do

As an educational organization, the Colonial Seaport Foundation is dedicated to sharing information about colonial maritime history. We also have a particular love of sharing our knowledgle of the Chesapeake Bay. Colonial Seaport Foundation offers a number of services including :

- Interactive History Presentations

- Home School and Public School Curriculum

- Production Work

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Interactive and living history presentations

How would you like to bring history to life at your next event?

CSF offers the following living-history experiences for children and adults alike:

- Living History Encampment
- 17th and 18th Century Seamanship and Navigation
- Life as a sailor
- Colonial Cooking Demonstrations
- Colonial model building
- Rope Making
- Colonial Weapons and Tactics
- Hands-on Historic Artifact Presentations
Home School and Public School Curriculum

Our S.T.E.M. based Curriculum is consistent with Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland Standards of learning.

Educational courses are offered in:

- 17th and 18th century navigation
- ecology
- trade and commerce
- seamanship and navigation
- simple machines
- colonial cooking and recipes
- rope making
- clothing and textiles
- life of a sailor

Production Work

CSF and our props have been featured in TV and film productions.
The services we offer include:
- colonial era prop rental
- small boat rental
- historic characters (primary and background)
- first person interpreters

CSF is registered 501c3 nonprofit organization. All donations are nonrefundable and tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law

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