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Colonial Seaport Foundation(CSF) is an educational organization focused on preserving facets of America's colonial (17th-18th Century) maritime heritage by providing historically accurate information and education to the public. CSF displays and demonstrates the operation of vessel(s), equipment, tools, procedures, skills and lifestyles within the maritime community.

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The Luna Project

To expand our educational offerings, we are building a working replica of an early 18th Century coastal trading sloop. A curriculum will be established to provide pierside education, classroom lectures and possibly underway field trips.

Bringing Maritime History to Life

While reading a book or watching a documentary about a historic
event can be intriguing, being able to step into the past and experience
life in the colonial era will have a much more lasting impact. By
creating this living history learning environment, we believe that
students and teachers will come away with a much deeper knowledge
of, and a deeper appreciation for, the 18th Century Maritime Heritage
that helped define Colonial America.

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