Luna's Operating Plan

Luna is a reproduction of an 18th century sloop. Sloops were the eighteen wheelers of colonial America and anyone living on the coast of the New World would have readily recognized Luna as a coastal work horse - hauling goods from one port to the next, and spreading the news of the day.

We plan to bring that image back to the Mid-Atlantic.

Working out of a central home port on the Chesapeake Bay, Luna will visit historic ports of call, waterfront museums, and relevant maritime festivals to share the story of Colonial America's maritime heritage and its development of a nation through trade and commerce. She will also move goods underthe power of sail, in conjecntion with Sail Cargo.

We will also use her as a floating S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) classroom being available to schools, home school students and youth programs that are not able to travel to historic sites.

Depending on Coast Guard certification, Luna may also have a limited cruising plan to ports of call in the Caribbean and Bermuda.

Staying true to the use of colonial sloops, Luna will also be available to haul break bulk cargo such as local wines, ales, or spirits and non-perishable commodities in a low-carbon-footprint, ecologically sound and historic tradition.

Luna will be manned by a rotating crew of volunteers, including maritime enthusiasts, historical reenactors, youth programs, and adventure seekers. While a port may be days away by water, our proximity to the region will rarely have any of the crew more than a day trip away from home by car.