Colonial Seaport Foundation and Stone Bridge High School Luna Project Partnership

In February of 2019, a partnership agreement was proposed and signed between the Colonial Seaport Foundation and Loudoun County Public Schools. This agreement established a partnership between the Foundation and the Technology Education Department of Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn, VA.
This agreement allows the students in the advanced Manufacturing  and Technical Drawing classes to have real world problem solving opportunities in developing plans for and the building of necessary items for the CFS Luna and historically accurate and work models of 18th century navigation equipment for use on board as well as public displays.
The students choose for a list of needed items for their class project. The advance technical Drawing students with you CAD and 3D modeling programs to create scale plans for the item and even a 3D printed model. The advanced Manufacturing then construct this item to the specification of the Foundation and if necessary the US Coast Guard.  The student must research the requirements for the item and submit plans to the Foundation and when approved the Foundation provides the material to make the item. The student then construct the item in the quantity necessary. These also must meet approval.  
This is not just a project for a grade, this is part of a ship that they designed and built. The students are highly motivated and excited about “their” project. They realize they are working on something that will be seen by hundreds and will be something they can show their children.
This is one part of the broad cross curricular educational opportunities the Luna project uniquely provides. The program is so popular at Stone Bridge High School that the enrollment has steadily increased in the Technology Education classes involved with the partnership.
Projects have included tie down cleats, Captain’s cabin desk, main cargo hold ladder, forward bosun’s locker ladder, life vest storage boxes, 18th century cross staff,and naval trucks for mounting bronze cannons.