In today’s Luna update we are going to break away from construction and explain WHY we have certain holes in the hull. Last week we shared pictures of scuppers in Luna’s toe rails which has some folks wonder why holes would be put in boats. Normally holes in boats are bad as they let water in. In some cases we want to move water away from an area or run something through the hole so lets take a look.

This is one of Luna’s two gun ports. It’s in its pattern and template stage right now. The wood piece at the lower part of the hole will prevent anything from rolling or falling overboard. The wood at the top of the photo is hinged and will fold down flush with the hull. There is a gap leading forward that is called a freeing port. It is about two inches high and runs most of the length of the deck allowing water to go overboard.
This ones pretty easy to figure out. This is an inside image of a port light. The six bolts hold it in place. The hinge to the right allows the window to open and the wing nut to left locks the window in place keeping water out.
Another special hole in the hull visible on deck allows docking lines to pass through and be secured with a bult in cleat.

So there we go. Some of the holes we deliberately put in Luna’s hull. Check back on Sunday for more construction updates!