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It was tiny, but mighty

This weekends work involved fiberglassing what we have decided has been the hardest part of Luna’s construction. Oddly enough, measuring 72×23 inches, it’s also one of the smallest. The problem is that it contained 17 surfaces, 23 angles, curves, arches, and inverted surfaces. The good news is the poop deck toe rail and transom fashion piece has been completed. All that’s left is fairing and painting. With a little help from epoxyworks illustrations here’s what we faced.

Interior corners had to all be puttied and have a radius built in suitable to lay fiberglass into.
Exterior corner had their edges sanded to a suitable radius to allow the fiberglass to lay smoothly.
Three layers with staggered edges making interior and exterior radius corners.

So here is Luna’s not as clean as the drawing completed transom rail cap.
Luna’s transom toe rail, located at the end of the boat is complete! All thats left to do is fair it in and paint to match.
A side view of the transom railcap. Once the fiberglass was laid on the top we had to round it over the sides, and into all the corners.
From the top, over the stern, into a negative angle, following the transom window curve…. easy- right?

In addition to the transom we fiberglassed the poop deck scuppers and got the beds for the steering hydraulics installed!

Somewhat shaggy looking, the scuppers were fiberglassed. the space is so tight that we have opted to let it dry completely, then trim and fair the edges. It’ll take a couple more steps to complete but they are small areas and will work out quicly.
The steering hydraulic blocks have been bedded!