Message In A Bottle: CSF’s New Blog

Colonial Seaport Foundation's New Blog

Hello and welcome back to blogs on the Colonial Seaport Foundation Website. The old printed newsletter has not been published in a few years and became obsolete. As a result, in a world of increased social media presence and social distancing the Board of Directors felt it was, with her launch date approaching,  in Luna’s best interest to update the web site and streamline our social media and education abilities. We will also be organizing our e-mail database and sending out e-newsletters shortly.

The website looks the same but new features have been added! We now have a ships store where you can buy Luna signature coffees, chocolates, shirts, hats, and education materials. The calendar of upcoming events will be a easier to find and search. The blog will be the center point of updates and social media on the website and then be sent out to facebook and instagram. We have even planned ahead and have a couple of pages built, but hidden, to introduce and share Luna’s story once floating!

We can’t thank you, our friends, family, and supporters for continuing to follow Luna’s construction and look forward to seeing her on the waters!