It was tiny, but mighty

This weekends work involved fiberglassing what we have decided has been the hardest part of Luna’s construction. Oddly enough, measuring 72×23 inches, it’s also one of the smallest. The problem is that it contained 17 surfaces, 23 angles, curves, arches, and inverted surfaces. The good news is the poop deck toe rail and transom fashion […]

8/9/2020 Luna Construction updates!

We had another great Luna construction weekend with progress being made on the poopdeck and steering system. We had to spend some time Saturday cleaning up and doing some repair work to the construction site from the recent storm and the following down pour the next day. As we see what other tall ship programs […]

Message In A Bottle: CSF’s New Blog

Hello and welcome back to blogs on the Colonial Seaport Foundation Website. The old printed newsletter has not been published in a few years and became obsolete. As a result, in a world of increased social media presence and social distancing the Board of Directors felt it was, with her launch date approaching,  in Luna’s best interest to […]